Stacker Packers interlock both sideways and in height to form a safe and stable shim stack to build up height shortfalls.


  • Available in 2mm, 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thickness all of which lock into each other to build up any stack height required
  • Unique interlocking detail ensures that packers will not slip off each other under load forming a safe stable shim tower
  • With a moulded sideways detail the stacker packers can be increased in width to give greater stability and load spread area
  • High compressive strength, tested with a 200 kN load applied and a compressive strength achieved for both 100mm and 50mm stacks in excess of 40N/mm2 (HCC Highway Laboratory)
  • Easily positioned using side dowels to avoid finger entrapment
  • Collapsible upper dowels provide a full and level surface
  • Made from virgin material so non shatter and material creep analysis available
  • Only 35mm so can be placed unseen under thin concrete units, curtain walls, cladding and window frames
  • Colour coded sizes


Our patented Mini Stacker Packers have a smaller width than the Stacker Packers, only 35mm, and are available in depths of 2mm, 3mm, 5mm and 10mm with inbuilt dowels to allow the shims to interlock both horizontally and vertically to form a safe and stable shim structure.

Stability is ensured by the dowels on the upper surface fitting accurately into the recesses on the underside of the stacker packer above similar to Lego. Once pressure is applied to the upper exposed connecting dowels on the topmost Stacker Packer they are designed to give way and collapse into the gap below, providing a top level surface with no high spots or protrusions.

Removal of the shim stack and final positioning can be achieved by clipping the side shim key of an individual shim into the shim tower to slide the stack in/out of position without having the need to place the operatives fingers under the load .Once in position under the load the placing shim can easily be removed leaving the shim tower in place.

Due to the Stackers Packers being manufactured out of new virgin material they can be provided with material creep analysis and will not shatter under load or when drilled.



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