Alimats – what do they do and why do you need this system on site?

Our patented Alimats system is a purpose designed and engineered product, specifically developed to spread outrigger loadings. It’s a unique strong, lightweight, modular interlocking system which quickly clips together easily forming a large load spread area.

Alimats   Alimats Load Spreader

Alimats are very strong with a 500 tonnes/m2 compressive design strength, yet are lightweight and only weigh 38kg/m2. They can be easily transported to site in a small van and the setup is minimal. This versatile and flexible product has a multitude of spread areas which can be easily achieved just by clipping additional Alimats together.

The bright yellow and highly visible Alimats can be stored on site and carried into position whenever there required. They can be used in any location where load spread is required, from under scaffolding and large cranes, MEWPS and concrete pumps. No additional plant is required to move them or set them up.

Brilliant Ideas was founded by Entrepreneur and Businessman Chris Massey, who has spent several years inventing and developing a wide range of unique products for the construction industry. The company was formed to bring together several products that enable numerous tasks within the construction industry to be completed simply, safely and on time.

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