Large and small hole covers to prevent accidents and injuries on site.

Hole Covers: These types of innovative products are so simple, yet extremtly versatile for addressing potential hazards on a building site. Put simply, they cover up holes! coming in large and small sizes, the hole covers from Brilliant Ideas are perfect for temporarily covering up pipe holes, drain holes, HVAC holes and trench holes. Their vivid colour makes them impossible to miss and keeps feet and ankles out of harm’s way.

Small hole cover construction sites  Small hole cover construction sites  Small Hole Cover 2

The hole covers are strong, don’t require tools to install and boast an award-winning anti-slip surface. There’s no cutting required, they just fit snug in both large and small, potentially harmful holes on any construction site.

They are then easily removed as the project goes on and can be reused again and again.

Brilliant ideas provide their hole covers to builders and engineers because they are:

  • Strong
  • Safe
  • Versatile
  • Tool-free
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Reusable
  • No cutting required
  • Non algae/slippy
  • Anti-trip
  • Quick to install
  • Award winning

If you would like further information on ordering your small and large hole covers, please get in touch today!

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