Brilliant Ideas Limited has launched a new website to promote and showcase their award-winning innovative construction industry products.


Brilliant Ideas is the brain-child of founder Chris Massey, who has spent several years inventing and developing a wide range of unique products for the construction industry. Brilliant Ideas was formed to bring together a number of products that enable numerous tasks within the construction industry to be completed simply, safely and on time.

Key products include:

Alimats – a unique, purpose-designed modular outrigger load spreader system. Ideal for solving load spreads for MEWPs, concrete pumps and scaffolding. Read more here


Alimats 1

Trailer Mats – An inflatable fall-protection system for working at height, such as out of the back of a truck or wagon trailer. Read more here

Trailer Mat 1

Hole Covers – An award-winning innovative solution that prevents serious injuries to construction workers. Available in two different sizes (small or large), they adapt to almost any size of exposed pipe/service holes on a building site.

Large Hole Cover 1 Small Hole Cover 1

Stacker Packers – a modular height shortfall device that can be interlocked both horizontally and vertically to form a stable shim stack, building up any height shortfalls. Available in two different sizes (mini or regular).

Stacker Packer 1

Instant Pipe Shutter – An award-winning pipe shutter device that negates the use of jigsaws and timber cutting on site whilst encircling pipes. Consisting of two identical halves which lock together, the instant pipe shutter locks together around a soil pipe and grabs sufficiently to hold itself into position. Read more here

Instant Pipe Shutter 2

Hook Buddy –  This patent-pending device holds a ratchet strap hook temporarily in place onto a tie-pin, whilst ratcheting down a load onto a trailer. Put simply, the Hook Buddy prevents the strap from slipping off the tie-bar and the driver having to walk back around their trailer to put the strap hook back onto the pin. Read more here

Hook Buddy 1

Pole Drilling System – This ingenious, patent-pending product allows the easy filling of holes in ceilings and soffits from floor level and avoids the danger of working at height. Simply mark, drill and fill! Read more here