Inflatable trailer mats by Brilliant Ideas Limited.

According to the HSE, Three million people in Great Britain work on or near vehicles as part of their regular job. Getting on and off a vehicle to carry out loading/unloading operations and working at height on the vehicle are often viewed as incidental to the main job. Because of this, the risks involved may not be properly considered by both workers and their managers.

Careful assessment of the tasks involved and implementation of simple and cost-effective safety controls can reduce the risk of falls from vehicles significantly and avoid potential losses for your business.

Inflatatable Trailer Mats

Let’s review some stats from RoSPA:

  • 27.3 million working days are lost annually due to work-related injury and illness .
  • The cost to British employers of health and safety failure was estimated to be £2.8 billion in 2013/14.
  • The most frequent causes of injury are manual handling, slips and trips and falls from height.

Get help from the workers who use the vehicle – they know how the job is really done and normally have good ideas about how to make it safer and more efficient.


  • Plan to avoid work at height where you can;
  • Where you can’t, make sure you use work equipment to prevent falls:
    • first choice – vehicle-based systems;
    • second choice – on-site systems;
  • Where the risk of a fall can’t be eliminated, use work equipment to minimise the distance and  consequences of a fall;
  • Always consider measures that protect everyone at risk (eg platforms and guardrails) before measures that only protect the individual (eg safety harness).

Consideration should also be given to introducing preventative measures whilst unloading/loading vehicles on a construction site.

Our trailer mat system comprises of 9 interconnecting airbags which quickly inflate to give a 4ft high, 6ft wide air cushion giving fall protection around the full perimeter of the truck/trailer, it can be easily adjusted to suit the vehicles requirements.

Quick facts our Inflatable Trailer Mats:

  • It only takes 15 minutes to initially set up and inflate the system
  • Once set up they can be quickly inflated whenever required
  • Lightweight with the heaviest uninflated bag only weighing 24kg and the whole system (excluding blowers) weighing only 160 kg
  • Very compact when uninflated so easily transported to site in a small van and easily stored
  • Can be very quickly relocated and moved to suit site conditions

Our inflatable trailer mats are available to hire or buy, find out more.